Immigration & Business Investment Conference

Atlantic Canada / India Partnerships

September 16-24, 2019


In September 2019, CANATLANTIC Settlement Inc. will be hosting its 2019 - Symposium & Forum on the opportunities of Immigration, Business Investment & Settlement within Atlantic Canada. These two-day programs will be held in four (4) venues; Chandigarh, Ahmedabad Gujrat, New Delhi & Calcutta/Pontichery (en français).

These two-day presentations will provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities available to residents of India, for successful immigration, business investment, as well as family settlement throughout the coastal region of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

Sessions will include a detailed overview of the entire immigration process, including eligibility, reasonable expectations for application processing, cost and probability of success. Actual business acquisition opportunities & rigid business investment evaluation process, as well as family settlement consultation & planning.


The second year of a Canadian pilot project is currently under way, which provides a streamlined immigration application process, for East Indian applicants to immigration into the Canadian Atlantic provinces. The offering includes immigration for individuals and families, including work permit's, study visa's, landed immigrant status, Canadian citizenship. Settlement services are essential, and available via various other stakeholder groups.

Investment & Business Evaluation

Various speakers & workshop facilitators will address the process for business acquisition, vetting of business viability, both sole ownership as well as common share purchase, a list of existing businesses for sale, and the match-making which connects the background & expertise of immigrant and suitable investment opportunities. Some business investments involve a straight purchase, while others could involve projects supported by municipalities for new business construction, (ie hotels, franchises, etc.), or minority shareholder investment & employment opportunities. Each will also involve a cultural transition by existing management or an advisory group. Some immigrants & businesses will qualify for commercial financing and grant/subsidy programs.


Settlement services will be required to help in the orientation of the immigrants and their families, to find suitable housing, and begin the social integration within Canadian society. Innovation & Intellectual Property Development Some investors may possess a strong academic background or experiences in the life or engineering sciences, or intellectual property, for which partnering with Canadian IT companies or universities, may quality for investment to support their application for immigration.

Export / Import Opportunities

Canadian businesses are always interested in selling their products & services in India and the Pacific-Rim, as is the same with firms from these countries selling into the Canadian market. Day two of the symposium, includes a forum for business investment & trade, including where exhibitors including booths from various municipalities, government immigration officials, business center with examples of businesses for sale & business brokers, commercial banks, universities and companies looking for Indian products to import/Canadian products to export.


The conference will include the following itinerary for each of the venue's, scheduled for September 16th, 19th, 21st, and 23rd; Day 1 Introduction & Welcome Presentation on Immigration, Business Investment, Settlement Lunch, Presentation on Permanent Residency in Atlantic Canadian Workshops, (three (3) groups) Evening Social/Dinner – Keynote on Day 2 Mini Trade Show, (Exhibitors include Municipalities, Exporters, Importers, Business Brokers, Bankers, R&D) Lunch Consultation Sessions/Contract Signing Closing Remarks

On Day 1

The workshops and presentations are to provide orientation to the delegates on the full scope of opportunities immigrating & business investment in Atlantic Canada.

On Day 2

The mini-trade show, including exhibitor booths, hosted by various municipalities, federal government immigration officials, business center with examples of businesses for sale & business brokers, commercial banks, universities, and companies looking for Indian products to import and Canadian products to export, is a more casual setting, enabling people to ask direct questions to each professional, privately. Speakers The two day conference is divided into one day of presentations & workshops, followed by a second day with a mini-trade show and speeches, by private sector and government stakeholders in Immigration and Investment in Atlantic Canada.

Conference Hosts:

Navdeep Garg and Robert Jeffery will guide the audience with the main content of the presentation, a comprehensive description of services in immigration, investment & settlement, and designate special speakers to reinforce the opportunities for immigrant families in Atlantic Canada.

Municipal Mayors:

Moncton, Dieppe, Fredericton, Saint John, Mirimichi, Bathurst, Edmundston, Shediac, Halifax, Truro, Cape Breton, Charlottetown, Summerside, Surrey, Saint Johns, Labradore and other small communities that are aggressive with investment.


Business people, University professors, government officials, as well as successful Indian Immigrants will provide a testimonial on business success, employment opportunities, and academic achievements within Atlantic Canada, (A. Kishore & Wife, S. Mahendrappa, K. Iranni, graduate students, Chamber of Commerce & Rotary Reps). Indian Government Rep. on trade.


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