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Capital Acquisition

Financing · Grants · Subsidies  Realty ·  Investment Tax Credits · Investment Prospectus  Documentation · Applications


envisionIT Consulting Group will work to raise the capital your company requires, without unnecessarily eroding your equity position. There are over 300 organizations, offering business financing, grants & subsidies to Canadian companies. Find out which programs your company qualifies for.

Equity Placement:

There are innumerable reasons why obtaining an equity partner is the best solution to support business growth and sustainability. envisionIT Consulting Group helps clients to put this option into perspective, and seek out suitable equity partners, who share the same vision & values.

Realty Acquisition:

As part of a sound investment and wealth building strategy, our professionals will assist you to purchase income properties, as well as develop & manage these properties. Our front-end analysis will help to verify that the client is well suited for property ownership. Assistance to select the right property, obtain the financing and manage the day to day activities, and develop a plan for eventual succession, is also part of the service. An income property is an excellent investment, as well as effective tax shelter, whether you're renting in your personal residence or purchasing a multi-unit.

Application Preparation:

We help you to finalize your business planning, prepare the applications for financing, or investment prospectus, seek out the right financial partners, then raise the capital you need, in the form of loans, soft debt, grant/subsidies, tax credits & equity placement. We work with start-up's, early stage development, not-for profit, facility & market expansion, turn-around and company acquisition.

Business Planning


Business Planning · Marketing, Sales & Channel Planning · R&D Technical Planning · Product Dev · Product & App Commercialization · Product & App Commercialization

Business Planning:

We commence all business planning engagements with a thorough front-end analysis phase, which clarifies the the business model, market and vision & objectives of company management, to ensure viability.

Product Development:

Once the R&D phase is complete, sound product development involves approximately 60% front-end analysis and design, followed by 30% development and 10% testing & field trial. The ratio's may vary somewhat across industries, however these norms are mostly standard.

envisionIT Consulting will help your management team develop a comprehensive technical plan, to clarify the product vision, manage your product development, to ensure adequate development budgeting, and minimize design & development re-working.


Whether it be final testing & documentation of a product, achieving regulatory requirements, patents or developing a comprehensive product management plan, the envisionIT Consulting Group will manage these activities.

Product Commercialization:

Launching a product involves precommercialization activities, in addition to the completion of a product management plan, and commercialization strategy. The envisionIT team will ensure that all aspects of the introduction of your product into the marketplace, are addressed, thereby mitigating the key risk-issues inherent in a competitive marketplace.

Taxation, T1, T2 & T3

Preparation · eFiling · Sheltering · Trusts · TSFA · Realty · SRED · ITC · R&D Funding · Partnerships · Specialize in Tax Arrears 2003-17

Business Tax Preparation:

Our personal tax preparation service is very affordable, includes eFiling, and identifies absolutely every tax savings & shelter. We specialize in tax arrears, and can reconstruct older tax years.

Tax Sheltering:

Our expertise in tax sheltering will help you to avoid income & commodity taxes, which presenting your company's financial performance in the best possible light, thereby making commercial credit opportunities to support your company's growth.

Research & Development Tax Credits:

envisionIT Consulting Group has successfully obtained SRED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) tax credits since the early 1990's. Our approval rate is consistently 100%, and percentage to claim ratio averages in excess of 90%

Personal Tax Preparation:

We specialize in helping individuals & families to catch-up with their income tax arrears, obtain tax credits & transfer payments due to them from prior periods, and going forward, assist them to fully implement a tax strategy, which will lead to building wealth, retirement savings, as well as home ownership.

If the client is prepared to work collaboratively, we guarantee these outcomes.

Advocacy / Mediation

Shareholder Resolution Negotiate Marital Separation Agreements & Division of Assets Statements · Purchase & Sale Agreements


Our mediation services provide value to businesses and individuals requiring a structured remediation of contract issues, personal conflict, marital separation, evaluation of assets, as well as messenger and communication requirements.

In the fall of 2018, employment placement services will be available.

Purchase & Sale Contracts:

Our personal consulting services include work with First Nation Communities, Immigrant business owners, as well as employment and marital mediation services

Mediation & Advocacy:

Our personal consulting services include work with First Nation Communities, Immigrant businessowners, as well as employment and marital mediation services

Self-Directed Separation:

Our team provides assistance for a self-directed separation, done collaboratively with each partner present for all meetings, and included in all communication.

The service is a fraction of the cost of other methods, and closely follows Provincial guidelines.

The service results in a completed and final Separation Agreement, as well as completed Division of Assets document & Form 72A/72B and others required for each individual requirement.

Arrangements are also made with two lawyers for full review prior to filing.

Immigration & Investment

envisionIT specializes in assisting our clients to settle in Atlantic Canada, find viable business investments, settle in the most beautiful part of Canada, and become part of a wonderful community, which has the best mix of urban centres, rural and sub-urban living, and very close [driving] proximity to large centres such as Montreal, Boston and New York City.


Shareholder Resolution Negotiate Marital Separation Agreements & Division of Assets Statements · Purchase & Sale Agreements

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