Our Clients

Business Clients

Our business clients, are typically looking for the following services;

Small businesses requiring financing

Small businesses requiring multiple years of tax returns,  prepared and Filed

Small businesses planning to develop or commercialize a product 

Small business planning to acquire another business

Small business requiring business planning services

Individuals & Families

Typically, our clients who are individuals or families, typically have the following profile;

Individuals who are behind in their tax filings:

Often times, when families fall behind in their taxes, catching up almost seems like a hopeless endeavour. Tax credits for Children's Allowance & HST stop coming, and unpleasant letters & calls start coming in from Government. We turn-around most tax arrears of 5-7 years, in as little as two weeks, and once filed, retroactively apply to receive all past tax credits and transfer payments, which often result in an annual refund. We'll also follow-up with our clients prior to the end of the current tax year to put a plan in place for tax reduction in coming years.
Individuals who require assistance to obtain financing or credit.
Individuals who require assistance to elevate their credit ratings.
Individuals who require assistance to build their personal wealth.


We can provide dozens of references & testimonials, from very satisfied customers, who availed themselves of our services.



First Consultation

Our first consultation will be at a place of your convenience, and all information exchanged will be handled with the utmost of care & privacy. A free quotation will be provided, as well as the timeframe required to complete all of the work.


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